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I had almost forgotten....

Hey Kiddies,,,

I just finnished flailling the flesh off the bone...and it is awsome! An entire shoulder of Elk... I thank the Lord of the Hunt for this most treausered piece of meat. It is so tender and bloody.. I ate a hunk of it raw. Ummm.. I had almost forgotten the joys of raw wild game. My friend was ever so nice to bring me the shoulder... though it was fun carrying it home on the morning buss. Gotta love that Metro! People were just staring at me and my meat...could it have been that I was salivating and makeing shlurping noises all the way home? Naah.
So, now the Bones are in a slow-cooker with spices and veggies...By the time I wake up, what meat was left on the bones will just fall off...tender and juicey...UMMMMMM MEAT !!!! The rest I sliced into steaks and some I even sliced thinly so I may stir fry it... I'm set for game for a bit...now if I can only get some rabbit, deer, bear, boar, and frog...ummmm... I miss the joys of the hunt...

I have been looking for tounge and heart....has anybody seen in the Buffalo area, any venue which sells these things? Please let me know...Pretty Please?
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